#ddl405 (draft bill 405) to support of trans* and intersex rights in Italy

In occasion of the International Day Against Homophobia, Biphbia and Transphobia, we are launching this video to support a new draft bill (ddl405) for the rights of transgender and intersex people in Italy.

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Ddl 405 to support the rights of transgender and intersex people
We are campaigning to:
– stop forced surgery for transgender people to enable them to legally change their name and gender;
– ease off the bureaucracy and relieve the expenses of transition;
– prevent the unconstitutional annulment of marriage in case one of the spouses changes their legal gender;
– end mutilating surgeries on intersex infants.

What ddl405 entails in a nutshell:
– easing off the bureaucracy of transition, making the whole judicial procedure for the legal gender and name change unnecessary. Submitting an official document certifying the condition of gender dysphoria to the local authority will be sufficient to allow a legal change;
– providing a guardian for transgender minors to support them in the necessary legal procedures to obtain access to surgery and legal gender/name change. A guardian would also be provided in case parents oppose the minor’s stated intention to transition;
– ruling that the legal gender change will no longer entail the immediate annulment of an existing marriage, which will happen only according to the will of the spouses;
– banning mutilating surgeries on infants born with atypical genitals (intersex infants);
– making transition cost-free and launch a programme to raise awareness on gender identity issues among providers of public health services.

Currently transgender people in Italy are forced to undergo surgical sterilisation to obtain a legal change of gender and name. Many married transgender people are denied the right to remain married to their partners after they get legal recognition of their new gender. Hundreds of Italian intersex babies undergo mutilating surgeries each year, to conform the appearance of their genitals to society’s binary gender expectations. We are campaigning to stop all these violation of our rights. Help us by raising awareness, and supporting our petition http://goo.gl/HINmWI


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